The Fitbit Thread

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Welcome to 2014

Mac has to be the class smartarse.

Are these not a pure gimmick?


They are unreal, they will change your life in ways you never thought possible!

They even tell the time.


I myself invested in a Tom Tom version of these there a couple of months back, they are top dollar. The feeling you get horsing into a jumbo sweet and sour chicken with fried rice, happy in the knowledge you have beaten your 10,000 step allocation for the day after a hard day’s interwebbing is special.


Can the thread title be changed to The Fitbit and other fitness trackers Thread?

I sport a Withings Activité and it’s really focused me on being more active over the last 12 months. I also use a Withings Smart Scale daily which gives me early warning if my weight is trending upwards.

I’m using an Polar A300 watch myself pair with the H7 heart rate monitor. Nice bit of kit.

Thinking of investing in a garmin forerunner anyone any experience?

I have a suunto ambit 3 sapphire. It’s probably grand. It’s certainly robust and waterproof but I’ve only ever used the GPS on it twice and I’ve never hitched to a computer, so I’d likely have been as well served by a cheap watch and a map.

Finished my business meetings have arrived at LHR for my flight home. 10,000 step target met just as I made my way to the gate.

Saw Graham Linehan on the Tube too. A very very productive day.

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Wow, welcome guys.

I have one. A good few years old. Only drawback is it is slightly big. I presume the modern ones are lighter. I don’t use half the features on it so should probably have gone for a lighter smaller version. Overall a great piece of kit though.

FitBits have been recently proved to be pretty much a waste of time.

They work well at the start, but eventually the changes needed have to come from within. People get bored of it after around 6-8 weeks.

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Proven by who?

A few scientists

Does it work the same way the phone one does? 18k average a day since I got it ain’t too shabby.

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Just for running?

Good price on the old version of the multi sport on chain reaction

Earned my Italy badge today. I’ve walked the length of Italy, 1184 kms