The GAA Championship National Anthem Monitoring Commission

So the time is upon us again, where large provencial towns roll out their latest Opera sensation to sing the Amhran na bhFiann as part of the pre-match ritual. Amhran na bhFiann translates into English as The Soldiers Song, this would imply to me that it should be sung as a rousing deep battle song and not a piercing warbling operatic ballad.

This is a thread to keep track of the various redenitions given at county grounds around the country with a view to award the TFK GAA Championship National Anthem Performance of the Year Award at the end of the championship.

Todays version in Donegal was particularly bad. I am giving the fat munter who murdered it 3/10.

i always find it funny that a sectarian & anti irish orgaisation like the GGA plays the anthem before games

go snort some drugs you scumbag

Good and proper anthem in Cork today 8.5/10

It was a good and proper day all round in Cork.

I’ve always been impressed with our Nordie cousins regarding the singing of the national anthem, they sing it loud and proud with plenty of respect. Which is all the more impressive considering they live in a different country. Their lead should be followed.

Yes, I concur. Pipe and Drum band playing while the crowd do the singing. The only way to have it. 8.5/10.

Its a Cork-Tipp thing.

I wouldn’t get it

I thought you were getting it in Tipp…




It’s just really boring and kills the atmosphere.



just looking on ye ould youtube to see what different variation i could find and have the following

Dublin Gospel Choir - at First Floodlit game in croke park

Cork Vs Waterford Hurling SF in 2006
The Artane Boys and the Crowd from what i gather no singer on the field

I was watching the game from Nowlan Park last night (Setanta didn’t show it live) - that was shocking, the anthem like (the game as well).

The Anhtem over a tannoy should be banned, its horrible. Surely to jaysus there’s a pipe band somewhere in Kilkenny? And they usually do everything so well.


Smashing rendition of the anthem in Pairc Ui Chaoimh. Can’t beat the pipe band.

Fucking sensational scenes in Pearse Stadium. The winner of the Connacht Scór Singing Competition belting out the anthem accompanied by some retard on a guitar sitting behind her. God bless the GAA. :lol:

Awful awful rendition for the Sligo V Galway match…players broke away 10 seconds before the end


It’s a battle song, not a fucking Celine Dion ballad.

ANother one in Derry today, I’ve heard a lot worse though.

you beat me here, well done anna ferguson i thought it was a decent rendition.