The GAA Infrastructure Thread

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A County the size of Cork deserves a 40,000 Stadium imo.

Look at the size of the County, a good standard of hurling & football.

Could people really agree with leaving the Pairc as it is and just saying we will play all the big games in Thurles,Limerick and Killarney?

are you for real?

wtf is the point of building stadiums that are full once a year? and then at 10% capacity for the other 5 games

they should spend the money promoting the games before they die

I assume you’re taking the piss

Your answer is to develop a 40000 capacity stadium rather than, say, play the games in Limerick :lol:


In fairness if they revelop the place properly then they will have a stadia good enough for at least 30+ years. Anyone who says a County like Cork should not have a decent stadium that can hold at least 40,000 is wumming.

why bother? you’re talking about a county that’s no more than 90 mins drive from 3 of the 5 biggest stadia in the country.
cork is surrounded by venues all capable of holding whatever the langers can throw at them.

as the GAA is divided along provincial lines, having almost all their eggs in one provincial basket makes no sense
with croke park dominating leinster fixtures and connacht going through a population change not seen since cromwell walked the land, casement is the only venue that comes close to having a business case for redevelopment.

The purpose of stadiums of this size is house big inter-county championship games. We are already well served in this department by Thurles and the Gaelic Grounds. It’s a criminal waste of resources.

Again all vaild points TE, but a County with a tradition like Cork are going to want to be self sufficent whether we like it or not.

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Again all vaild points TE, but a County with a tradition like Cork are going to want to be self sufficent whether we like it or not.[/quote]
Ah so this is all about ego then. Fair enough so.

Nobody cares about provincial championships anymore. One decent 30-40k stadium in each province is more than sufficient.

In all likelihood CH, Cork’s sufficiency is likely to be decreased as a result of this development, draining resources from an already stretched administrative body.

What is the average attendance of league games in Cork? 5k?

FFS Fulham an established EPL side in London have a stadium capacity of 25k. That would be
more than sufficient for a county/city that has little interest in following any sports regularly never mind GAA.

Again all correct, but a stadium is no good lads if you can’t cater for demand whether it be once or twice a year.

In a perfect world every match would be played in Thurles but Cork City Council, Cork Co Board etc all want a slice of the pie that is available when 30-40k punters arrive in town. Economics is a word with varying meanings in GAA circles.

its wonderful to see that corks county board is completely focussed on the critical issue regarding frankeen being in charge of the re development while not relinquishing the county secretarys job.

i think tase is wonderful. a soccer bigot pretending not to be a soccer bigot while being bigotted and hilarious all at the same time

What’s the proposed capacity?
Who’s building it? Is it all seated?

That looks a nasty snow shower in the video and the roof doesn’t appear to be doing its job. Doesn’t bode well for the stadium.

Surely thats meant to be confetti? Either wy, a fine video presentation, special mention for the hoop on yer wan at 0:25.

Some of the dumbest posting in the history of the site on this thread.

From hoganstand:
Today’s announcement of the granting of planning permission for a £76 million redevelopment of Casement Park was disrupted by a protest at the Belfast venue.

This led to the official announcement having to be moved indoors. The redevelopment has been opposed by local residents who fear that the new stadium will block out daylight, devalue property and restrict access to the Andersonstown Road during major games. The residents still have the option of mounting a legal challenge to the planning decision.

Speaking at the event, former Ulster Council president and Casement Park Project Board chairman Tom Daly said the GAA had made genuine efforts to accommodate residents’ concerns.

Northern Ireland’s Environment Minister Mark H Durkan announced that the massive project, which will transform Casement into a 38,000 all-seater stadium, would be going ahead. Sports Minister Carál Ní Chuilín and leading GAA figures were also present for the historic announcement, but as they posed for pictures, a small group of protesters vented their anger at the redevelopment plans.

Work is due to start early in the New Year and be completed within two years.

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