The GAA thread - part deux


This strikes me as somewhat odd. I’d have expected them to be pushing for cross-community teams rather than clubs exclusive to one religion rather than another. From today’s Indo:

GAA president advocates all-Protestant teams in the North

The president of the GAA, Nicky Brennan, has suggested all-Protestant teams to encourage more to become active in Gaelic games.

He made the suggestion in the Church of Ireland Gazette and it has received some backing in the North.

Nicky Brennan said the GAA must do more to encourage Protestants to set up clubs and said they would have its full backing.

He said the GAA should do more to reach out to that community.

Darwin Templeton, the editor of the Belfast Newsletter, read mainly by Protestants, said it was a welcome suggestion and a step in the right direction.

Jim Murray, the Antrim county secretary, said Nicky Brennan is a progressive president and it was a positive move.

He said the Ulster Council had been encouraging ethnic minorities as well as Protestants for years to become active in Gaelic games.


I was reading that this morning - can’t believe anyone would be in favour of it. It’s blatantly sectarian and divisive.


Dya see the name of the editor of the Belfast Newsletter? Darwin Templeton!

That’s just ridiculous.


Good to lull these bastards into a false sense of security before the championship. Doc O’Connor seems to be settling right back in following his return from Australia - apparently he took the own goal with a lot of composure. Anyone know if KK’s PJ Delaney is the same lad that used to play in the 1990s until he was attacked on a night out? I heard he was trying to make a comeback last year. Anyway, from today’s Indo:

Models have no answer to Kilkenny cakewalk
Monday February 26th 2007

Kilkenny 1-13

Wexford 0-10

Walsh Cup SH Final

IT was the same old story as Kilkenny cruised to a comfortable victory over Wexford in this lacklustre Walsh Cup senior hurling final at Wexford Park yesterday.

That Kilkenny won the trophy for the third year in a row was no surprise, but the Model County display, coming on the back of last week’s league defeat to Waterford, was shocking, for again they lacked urgency and pattern to their play.

After Eoin Larkin had pointed two frees in the first seven minutes, Wexford opened their account through Rory McCarthy. Further points from Larkin (2) and Eddie Brennan had the title holders 0-5 to 0-1 in front after 16 minutes. After Richie Kehoe and Aidan Fogarty had exchanged points, Wexford responded through Rory Jacob and a Paul Carley free.

Wexford gave themselves hope with late first-half points from Pat Doran, Carley (free) and Michael Jacob to see the sides level at 0-7 each at half-time.

Five minutes into the second half, Kilkenny all but killed off the Wexford challenge when a long PJ Delaney free slipped off the outstretched hand of David O’Connor to find its way to the corner of the net.

By the 55th minute, Kilkenny had moved into a five-point lead, 1-11 to 0-9, as Wexford struggled.

John Dalton and Derek Lyng fired over late points just to demonstrate the Cats’ dominance.

SCORERS - Kilkenny: E Larkin 0-5 (5f), PJ Delaney 1-0 (1-0f); A Fogarty 0-3, D Lyng 0-2, P Cleere, E Brennan, J Dalton 0-1 each. Wexford: P Carley 0-4 (4f), R Jacob 0-2, M Jacob, R Kehoe, P Doran, R McCarthy 0-1 each.

KILKENNY - R O’Neill; N Kehoe, B Hogan, JJ Delaney; J Tyrrell, PJ Delaney, T Walsh; D Lyng, P Cleere; E Brennan, A Murphy, E Larkin; W O’Dwyer, S O’Neill, A Fogarty. Subs: E McCormack for O’Neill (inj); J Dalton for Tyrrell; M Murphy for Brennan.

WEXFORD - D Fitzhenry; M Travers, D O’Connor, P Roche; C Lawlor, K Rossiter, C Kenny; E Quigley, R Jacob; M Jacob, R Kehoe, P Carley; M Jordan, P Doran, R McCarthy. Subs: S Banville for M Jacob; W Doran for Jordan; M Doyle for P Doran.

REF - A Stapleton (Laois).


Having spoken to somebody who was at the game I’d just like to clarify the following:

  1. Doc O’Connor had a solid comeback game.

  2. It was actually the Kilkenny forward, and not Doc, who got the touch for the goal.

  3. Doc wasn’t tight enough for the goal and would want to work on his marking.

  4. He’d also want to work on his striking, positional play, catching, hooking, blocking and running.


I realise it’s not my place to comment here really but I’ve always hated this thing about calling him “DOC O’Connor.” It’s like saying ATM machine or PIN number. It should be either just DOC or David O’Connor. Unless his middle names are Oliver Conor or something.


Nah, they’re ‘overrated’ and ‘cock’ as far as I know.


Just read the Irsh Indo over the shoulder of some dude on the bus and saw where Joe Canning scored 2-8 as Limerick IT ‘demolished’ last year’s beaten finalists UCD in the Fitzgibbon Cup by 2-16 to 0-6.

The kid is amazing


Agreed. Its ridiculous, worst one is “The Doc”, implying some sort of doctoral qualification. Must admit I do say PIN number myself, despite being aware of the doubling up. I bet many forum members(just sam maybe) are wondering what’s so wrong about saying PIN number…


What are the odds some bogger came up to the Tyrone players and said, ‘why are ye not singing along lads?’

Tyrone stars involved in anthem altercation after Rebels reversal

By Colm OConnor

A NUMBER of Tyrone footballers became involved in an altercation with some guests at a function in Tipperarys Dundrum House Hotel last Saturday night.

It has emerged that some of the guests attending a large function at the hotel sang the English national anthem God Save the Queen at the Red Hand stars.

Mickey Hartes 2005 All Ireland football champions stayed in Dundrum House Hotel following their defeat to Cork in Saturdays Allianz NFL clash at Pirc U Rinn.

I dont have much to say other then there was some kind of incident. Its not a big issue, nobody was seriously hurt, Harte told the Tipperary Voice newspaper.

In response to allegations that he was forced to step in to break up the row, Mickey Harte said: I just made sure that everyone went their separate ways and there was nothing else to it.

Its regrettable that anything should happen out of the norm but things happen every weekend that people dont want to happen, he said.

The Tyrone team had arrived at the Dundrum House Hotel from Cork on Saturday night losing 0-15 to 0-7.

Emotions were running high in the hotel following the Ireland v England rugby international on Saturday evening.

The English national anthem God Save the Queen was played at Croke Park and the Tyrone players were allegedly baited at the hotel as they mingled with guests.


We were in work today discussing the Gaeltacht. One of the lads mentioned that the family he stayed with were IRA supporters as there were pictures of known members all over the walls.

With that another one of the guys there (don’t like him - never have done) pipes up to a Northern girl who is working with me:

‘(girls name) would know all about that - she’s a member of the IRA’

I told him he was out of order but he carried on laughing and doing whatever he was doing. This is what you are up against.


Is that the girl you’re always talking about?


That’s the only girl I know so by process of elimination… hi5


Who’s the fella farmer?


Cant say BT - that said though KARL and ME saw a LADY


Who were the known members out of interest - hunger strikers? And were they all IRA members or were there INLA in there too?


Why do you care? Its not the point. He said it then the other guy threw the slur. I wasn’t going to call him back on it


I’m only interested. There aren’t that many famous IRA members from over the years - it’s not as though they go out of their way to create profiles for themselves.

I could say membership of the IRA might not be a slur but I don’t want to be controversial.


Don’t want to be controversial either but the slur I was referring to was him calling a Northern person a member of the IRA - its racist


I’m not sure it’s racist - we’re all the same ethnic race - but I take your point about the generalisation. I realised the point was that he lumped her in with a stereotype and not that the stereotype itself was offensive in itself. I was being flippant.