The Galway Pubs Thread

Worthy of its own thread, I think.

City and county both eligible for discussion.

My favourite city pubs are:

  1. Murphy’s, High Street - clearly the number one pub in Galway.
  2. O’Connell’s, Eyre Square - quality pub with a strange living room section out the back.
  3. Hughes’s, Woodquay - unpretentious and downmarket oul’ lads’ pub.
  4. Tigh Neachtain, Quay Street - touristy but still a fine pub.
  5. Taaffe’s, Shop Street - decent if not crowded.

I’m not that gone on Freeney’s. Garavan’s is alright.

Late spots:

  1. Roisin Dubh
  2. Dew Drop
  3. Massimo’s
  4. Dail Bar
  5. None others that I’ve ever been to are worthy of a nomination


  1. The Front Door - clientele not quite as bad as Busker Browne’s but the layout of it trumps everything
  2. Busker Browne’s - horrible clientele
  3. The King’s Head - awful place
  4. Cuba or whatever it’s called these days - stainless steel awfulness
  5. The Quays - only reason to go there is as a last resort

Good man, Sid.


Tigh Neachtain and Freeney’s if not too busy, a booth in Neachtain’s is the finest place to drink in Galway, isolated with four or five other people even if the pub is wedged. Good selection of drink too.

Salt house is nice and out of the way, good selection of Ales and IPAs and rarely too busy.

The beautiful seaside village of Kinvara:

Connolly’s pub on the quay. Just a fantastic pub, lovely to sit down by the open fire on a cold winter’s evening and listening to Eileen giving out, in a good natured auld fashion.

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The last time I was in there I saw a table of bearded hipsters playing a board game. Fuck that shit.


Would agree with everything there except for your assessment of the Quays. Always good live music upstairs. I despise the front door and the kings head. Taaffes and murphys my favourite 2

In fairness I saw the utterly awesome Declan Kennedy playing there on a Monday night in November three years ago. Best guitarist I’ve ever seen.

Wouldn’t be a fan of it as a pub however, although preferable to a few other places if needs be.

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Tig coili, Freenys and later at night the Blue Note. Monroe’s pizza is as good as you will get in Ireland.


Probably that ambrose lad

The Cellar Bar off Eyre Square was a great spot in the nineties

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Where would be likely to be showing the hurling on tg4 this evening instead of the smugby today?

The dew drop? Taaffees might have the thomas’s game on one tv. Most of the older places (freaneys, garavans) would be open to putting it on if asked id say

Welcome to Galway JC Wetherspoons


Carbon nightclub? Where in Galway city is that?



Supermacs Guy is very greedy.

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JC’s won’t even have pints on draught - and there will be a canning charge for each drink ordered

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You get coked off your head there.

Its on Eglington Street. Was the GPO nightclub in my time. Think in your day it was a parking for the horse


:joy: Central Park in my day.

Edit: Actually I’m have the wrong venue. CP’s was on Abbeygate street.

Is the Galway Shawl still trading ?