The GGA's woeful TV ratings- Why so

I note that big GGA games get significantly less viewers than that of Football and Rugby.

A big football game gets well over a million viewers, a big rugby game gets well over 900k viewers yet the all Ireland football final can only get 700k while the hurling is significantly less again just over 600k

Do de Oirish really hate “dere” sports dat much?

Football and rugby games on TV are generally of the national side.
GAA games are only two counties within the country.


GGA is dying. The product is deteriorating, the structures are wanting and the marketing is shit.

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thought de all oireland final was of national interest, surprisingly its not

It’s only of interest to the British Landlords. Once they left, viewership declined.

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Big rugby games get over a million pal

Shouldn’t matter if the game is that popular

no mate- I have the official figures

Top Programmes: TV3 (Adult 15+)


Programme Name






1 RWC Live:
France v Ireland Sun 16:47 Oct 11 29.41 992.3
2 RWC Live:
Post France v Ireland Sun 18:40 Oct 11 29.32 989.2
3 RWC Live:
Ireland v Argentina Sun 13:02 Oct 18 27.50 927.9

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its not popular at all mate

Where are the UTV figures pal?

Stick hurling is not a very popular pursuit in Ireland, it’s not even in the top 10. Yoga is more popular. It’s hardly surprising the ratings and the attendances are so dismal.

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What’s “exercise” mate?

Exercise is a sporting activity, ah thats great.

and dancing, what a sport.

That’s a question a lot of inter-county hurlers ask judging by the size of them.


not sure mate but im sure the Nationalist populations love of the B.I.G would be huge


What has UTV to do with Ireland? Why not include all the Irish watching in UK, Oz and America when discussing the All Irelands?

I didn’t realise you were a 26 county Free State Partionist

Interesting, I’ll keep a note of that.