The Glorious 12th of July

As always the list of Twelfth venues conjures images of deep Ulster, in a similar way to how the names of midweek venues on rugby tours of South Africa would conjure up images, smells almost, of dust from the parched soil, of braai, of thin, bone dry air. Potchefstroom, Kimberley, East London, Boet Erasmus, Northern Transvaal.

Ahoghill and Derriaghy jump off the screen immediately. I’d love to visit Ahoghill some day. The name has an aura. You wouldn’t smile easily in Ahoghill. You’d be afraid to smile in Ahoghill.

Ballygawley and Irvinestown will be interesting. St. Molaise Park, scene of many’s the Ulster Championship clash, would make a grand field.

As always the Co. Armagh demonstration will be the piece de resistance. After two years in the relative metropoli of Armagh City and Lurgan, tiny Killylea gets the honour this year. It should be something to behold.


Each parade outside of Belfast and Ballymena is a particular “demonstration” which works on a rotation.


The one with the cop car on it was lit last night because it was falling over and it fell over anyway
Niall Carson on X: “Hundreds gather to watch a mock police car set alight on top of a #bonfire in Moygashel Co Tyrone @pa” / X

I wonder would you see many Tyrone jerseys in Moygashel.

The bould Wesley Somerville

He’s a nasty prick, won’t be long til he’s threatening to ring your boss or call you a paedophile

Is that Begby on the left banner ?

No, we’d them all finished up a week ago. We’ll hang on a few oul effigies, but the real work is done

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Isn’t that the whole point of it!?
I passed by our own bonfire this evening, a big black banner was on it but unfortunately the writing was in black also. I think it said ‘Progression Requires Concession’, but it looked more like a flag for the hunger strikers.

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Whereabouts in Cork is that?

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Ah lovely
@thelimericks taking it badly :rofl:

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The fucking state of that :joy:

He won’t be seeing many more 12th of Julys :rofl:

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Ya, I’ve had that all day in my whattsapp groups :man_shrugging:

Dry your eyes

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I’d say it’ll be quisling central in cork tomorrow :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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What’s on tomorrow?

Dry your eyes