The good climate news Thread, what diesel cage should I buy -wtf?

This is the climate thread mate

I’m just trying to cheer you up

This is the good climate news thread mate

This is a joyous thread

Less coal, that is good news

I saw a tweet on California’s power usage earlier and basically solar covers the whole thing during the day. Just need to build massive battery storage now


I’m contemplating maximising my carbon footprint.

They could put the solar panels over LA and save on air conditioning whilst improving the landscape.

John Raymond Hanger  on X: “Hmmm…Volvo sees tremendous EV growth says its CEO. It has “Ferrari-like wait times,” as it ramps up to meet demand. EV were 44% of Volvo sales in February, with BEV share at 22%. Those are record EV shares of Volvo sales.” / X (

The Chinese have just started retailing a Ferrari rival into the states which is 1300 bhp.

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I still.dont believe the chinese.

Whats green steel? Any more detail on that? Thats interesting


This is bad news according to the awkward squad

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Codling offshore wind farmslashes turbines by a quarter

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Instead of reducing the number of turbines why not keep it at the number planned and have a greater output?

@Little_Lord_Fauntleroy when will my electricity bill get back to normal ?

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when we arent importing foreign fossil fuels

Yep, from the meeting i had with the guy in Fingal, he was saying that the technology is really ramping up & that the Fingal turbines will have a 30 year life span as they would expect massive improvements in technology to be in place after that which means they are obsolete