The goodnight thread


Im hitting the hay lads. Bandage I’ll chat to you tomorrow mate.

'Night lads.



No ‘princess’ tonight for us CantonasBoot?



'Night lads


Im off to nod now lads. Goodnight bro’s.


Good night Mr. Boot.

Sweet dreams.


Night lads.

Need to be fresh for a training course tomorrow.


Night bandage, night lads. Hitting the hay. Talk to you all tomorrow please god.


I’m off lads, goodnight

Bandage I’ll give you a shout tomorrow


Are you not at the house party with the lads?

I couldn’t go for obvious reasons bro.


Nah bro, Ive been spending my evening on and off the phone to Paul mcnaughton. Just getting everything sorted for tomorrow. Anyway me aul bro, take it handy. I’ll catch you tomorrow


What reasons bro?


Night lads, take it handy


Ah stick around a while will you…


night kev, night puke,
ill chat to ye tomorro


Goodnight mickee, friend.


Thanks Dunph.
good night, chat to you tomorro pal


Night me aul muckyhearticks.


Lads I’ll be heading to bed in a few hours

What’s your status?


[quote=“CantonasBoot, post: 562390”]
Lads I’ll be heading to bed in a few hours

What’s your status?[/quote]

Not sure yet, CantonasBoot. Maybe around 1am?