The goodnight thread


[QUOTE=“ciarancareyshurlingarmy, post: 1020040, member: 464”]Alive & well. Same perps in both. Regeneration social housing problem.
Look on the bright side, mate - at least you and your family got a free house in a good area.


I’m going to bed now lads. It’s been an extremely long week, fruitful & emotional.



I am presently unable to sleep.


Something on your mind, pal?




Off to the insomnia thread with you.


There is no official insomniacs thread.


I feel for your situation buddy but presently means soon, not at present


That’s me off to bed, lads. Goodnight now.


Bit early, bro?




I’m bollixed.
Won’t be up much longer


I’m awfully tired, pal.


Go for it so, mate. Sleep well…


winding down here now too. night pals


Never too early to be heading to bed for a ride.


How do all ye fuckers do it? Sleep, that is…

I could go to bed at 10 and read a book, and by 4 I’d still not be sleepy.


That’s it for me lads. Good night and good luck.


[QUOTE=“briantinnion, post: 1059758, member: 6”]That’s it for me lads. Good night and good luck.[/QUOTE]

Good night Brian.


Night guys, will be imbibing profusely from an early stage tomorrow to get over the sorrow of today. Upwards and onwards.