The great PJ McManus



Have you got the clip of him cheering from the stand?

Did you see the segment ITV did after the race with JP and his nine grandkids and AP McCoy there somewhere in the background too it went on and on interviewing all the grandkids. They were well spoken nice kids but the whole thing felt incredibly forced and a waste of time as for one some of them didn’t really want to talk but Chamberlain asked nearly every one of them what it felt like.


Can some horsey person answer this?

Is this year the first time the Champion Hurdle, Gold Cup and Grand National have been won by the same jockey and trainer combo?

I’d say so.

I think townend is the first jockey to do all three since 1930.

Henry done it as a trainer but Jack rode the gold cup winner.


JP has gifted the rugby museum to the city council


They should apply to have him canonized while he is still alive

I’d say the city council are delighted to be saddled with that


The sooner this guy is driven out if Limerick the better

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It could be the new Celtworld

I must pay it a visit some day. Have heard very little about it, other than there isn’t a whole pile to it

They have a load of interactive games that would appeal to a chap’s competitive nature

But the scoring is scandalous, I kicked the lights out in the kicking room but was beaten by an 11 year old girl who didn’t know if it was stuffed or pumped :rage:


Don’t be too disappointed when you get to Tramore and find that it hasn’t been there for 30 years.


He could follow it up with a trip to a day in the bog

An Fear Iontach.

What became of it??

It first became South which was a rave venue and then the site was taken over to make Splashworld which is still very successful.