The great PJ McManus

Limerick GAA have serious questions to answer here you’d feel.

I doubt anyone would feel that.

JP is a great man for the sweep sweep.

A Guest of Limerick GAA at an All-Ireland Hurling Semi Final?

He can’t be a deviant though, he was wearing a Limerick jersey?

A guest of JP McManus?

Where did the tickets come from?

Who’s running Limerick GAA? There are major gaps in this story.

There’s major gaps in your head I’d reckon.

Jeez the way the @thelimericks feted him now takes on a whole new perspective

JP is Limerick.

Nobody loves us. We don’t care. We’ve been getting it since “stab city” came into being. We could team up with the rebels for some sort of breakway federation.

Relax, he’ll invite the two johnnies next year. He’ll even have them sitting beside each other so ye can all take pictures of two in a row

Except an idiot