The Great Segunda 17/18


Out of the ashes arose the phoenix.Who’s in charge again @count_of_monte_crist ?


Is he appropriate? He was a very divisive and snarky influence in the Turds last year.


No that was me.

You stupid fucking cunt.


It’s truly difficult to distinguish the Wexican cunts


Yes if only there was a picture beside out posts to identify who made the comment then we’d be sorted.

You dipstick.


Signing in.


Football season is almost back - sniping all over the place :clap:


Signing in guys, when are we thinking about having the draft?


updated list -



@Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr as well.


He’s gone. Doesn’t want to play.


@Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr fall in line please.

You’re too important around here to be left out.


He’s gone - was asked twice - he has been replaced…


A moment for our fallen brother…


Valhalla awaits.


I fear for my draft this year. Last year I was full of bulletproof coffee. This year due to time it will likely be a bottle of red.


Promotion accepted.


You’re in the big leagues now, mate.


I don’t see that


Cheers pal, but I’m done. Domestic matters will be dominating my autumn.

I do, however, undertake to lurk, advise and abuse where necessary.