The Great Server Move of August 2019

Right, this is the new server.

I didn’t think we’d be up and running here today because things went horribly awry yesterday evening. It would have been a good idea to not write my plan on the old server too because now I can’t recall all the steps I had intended.

Anyway managed to restore the content from a slightly older backup so we did miss out on an extra days’s worth of content.

The big missing gap at the moment is images. The old images are migrating over but they’re taking forever. It was estimating at a couple of thousand hours left when I last checked this morning. Hopefully that will still run along in the background. They still might not be visible then because they’ve moved location so we might need to do some rebaking of posts which could take another amount of days or even weeks.

If you notice anything funky other than images or recent content (last 2 days) being missing please let me know here.

Oh and let me know if the performance is better/worse.


Do you need to redo the giphy fix?

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Good point. I did that in the missing period so I’ve redone it now on the new site.

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Do you really need all images to transfer? Could you not just write off any images more than 12 months old and save yourself some space?



Potentially. There are many copies of each image too. But it’s easier to try and move everything and then remove what we don’t need. As long as it happens in the background it won’t make much difference. And they’ll be moved away from the main server anyway sitting in cheap storage in Offaly or somewhere.

Just culling the roaster plates of shpuds and maaate from the Ravenous thread alone could save acres on the data farm.


I’ve an iPhone X and the pics did not transfer. I’ve an older iPhone SE and the pics did transfer.

I can’t tell if this is a joke or not.

Correction. The pics did not transfer but I can see the avatar pics on one phone but not on the other

Ah ok. That’s just caching I imagine. They will both show the same in time.

Polish people have a weird sense of humour.

Does the Face ID work with your square head ?

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Sure he had to upgrade to the iPhone X to fit it.

He’ll have to go back to the SE now anyways cause the avatars won’t show on his shiny new X.

I dunno about anyone else, but this new server is absolutely flying it this morning. :clap:

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Just need a few fixed matches and/or traveller call out videos to really warm it up

I have an X and the avatars are showing. You might have been sold a pup @balbec

It’s a dinger

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