The Green shit Party - Backtracking to get things done

Who did you vote for yourself?

rod as i felt his reducing the cost of childcare by 50% is such an amazing thing for Irish families


Yea!? Did I hear only a 55% turn out from members?
Perhaps they are all on their row boats going abroad for their holliebops

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Congrats everyone & thank you Eamon & Rod

well done rural Ireland

lets make a big push for using personal mobility devices instead of cars this year

Ireland’s greenhouse gases fell to their lowest level since 1990 last year (



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could i ask all my TFK women, men & non binary friends to please share on your socials

Roderic O’Gorman TD on X: “We have proven that our economy can grow without meaning ever rising emissions. Today’s EPA figures show reductions across the board, and demonstrate we are making the right decisions in Govt. We have much more to do to reach our targets, but very encouraging to read this today.” / X

People are the absolute worst

Hungry SuperValu bastards won’t even empty the fucking bins. Your a bigger lug for giving them business

Did you grab the bottles?

Are you two simple?

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Some job

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amazing, the way Ryan is demonized by half wits is mental

30 bottles and cans brought to the return thingy in Tesco Portlaoise just now. All had return logos on them, all empty and none squashed or deformed. 23 accepted by the machine, some after many attempts. It was having none of the other 7 though. So they’ve gone in the bin

The recycling bin I hope.

Well, they could have ALL gone into my recycling bin at home


Well yeah that’s probably what you should have done in the first place.


100k houses with solar panels - no comment
a mildly irritating experience with a successful scheme - seethe

That’s what I had been doing all along.

What’s the official advice here mate? Do i go back and try again or do I just put them in the traditional recycling bin?

stop buying one off plastics