The guess the pub thread

We will enjoy a pint or two together sometime. We have very similar taste. The two snugs in PK’s are, in your word, majestic.


I stuck my head in that very door last night, didn’t get much of a look at the artwork though as there were a few sketchy looking fellas in a fog of smoke there. We had 1 pint and moved on, Ye Cracke and Roscoe seem to run a more civilised ship.

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I don’t know Roscoe but Ye Cracke is a fine spot.

Roscoe is a fine house, doesn’t have the charm of PKs but a Rooney from Sligo* was running the show last night and was telling us its 1 of only 5 pubs to be in every Camra edition.
*His grandfather arrived in Liverpool in the early 1900s from Sligo

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