The Gut Health Thread

People’s have known for eons that the gut plays a massive part in all our health problems, including our mental health. The aboriginal people of Australia for thousands of years have paid attention to all three brains - in your head, your heart and your gut…

Science has only caught up to this in recent years and are now calling the gut our second brain… But they are now linking depression, schizophrenia and even autism to the gut tho its early days in a lot of this research but you’ll be hearing all about gut health over the next few years.

Do any of you chaps take anything specific for gut health?

So all this mental health lark among kids… Is sugar/fat the real trigger?

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You have no idea what we’ve been through.

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Bro you are woke. I take a probiotic, also keifer, yoghurt, kombucha on occasion and had a jar of sauerkraut that I used to dig into. Theres a brain in there.

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It’s not just probiotics needed here chaps… Our consumption of carbs is killing our mental health. We need to eat more fermented foods (soured milk) Kefir milk… Sauerkraut… Pickels… We need acidic foods.


EVery morning I take half a glass of buttermilk. Sees me right for the day after. People long ago lived on potatoes and buttermilk, I cut back on the potatoes, the buttermilk helps the digestive process…

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Sauerkraut is unbelievable tack, I go through a shitload, just bought this Tipp one half an hour ago

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Side effects include flatulence :worried:

Shot of Apple cider vinegar in a glass of water most mornings. Probiotics every now and then.


Once again, TFK showing it is way ahead of the curve.

I take a shot of cider vinegar every day as well,
Sauerkraut is a superfood @Alan-partridge and it’s a bonus that it’s absolutely gorgeous, I don’t have a flatulence problem, my gut is in great nick

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Trying to knock a week out of the jar is the key. I’d have it eaten over a weekend easily.

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I buy the good stuff whenever I can but I’m quite partial to the polish stuff that comes in a plastic bag as well, I’ve contemplated making my own but never got around to it

Ok. Just rushing out now to nearest health store… Buttermilk, Keifer, Apple cider vinegar and sauerkraut. Probiotic also.

All Bran every morning would sort your vagina out good and proper.


I read recently that we all have 1.5 kg of bacteria and viruses in our guts.

Flatulence is a good thing. Shows your gut bacteria are fermenting nicely, forming molecules that benefit our digestion, brain health and our immune systems.

The key is to have as complex a range of gut bacteria and viruses as you can. This is why eating a varied diet is so important.

For example, people who eat a Mediterranean diet, with a more diverse mix of vegetables, many of which contain prebiotics, have lower rates of depression than northern Europeans. Fish Oils play an important part in the healthy gut too. That is one of the reasons living to 100 isn’t at all uncommon in Japan where fish is such a big part of the diet.

Exercise also plays a big part in the complexity of your gut bacteria.


Surely more daylight plays a role in that one too.

@iron_mike beat me to the punch with the pint of stout.

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Not sure if flatulence is that good.

Recently, I’ve been extruding gaseous material akin to the waste pipe in an Aberdeen public toilet.

Family members have been frowning on this.


Mrs J got into this over the last year or so in a big way. So much so I bought her a fermentation kit as part of her Christmas present. We do a glass of warm water with lemon every morning as soon as we wake. She’s gone 99%gluten free. And we’re eating a load of fermented foods. Kimchi, sauerkraut and the likes. There’s also a savage miso soup paste that health food shops sell that makes your gut happy. I love it.
I tried to make kimchi myself a while back but it turned out fucking disgusting.

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