The horse show at the RDS


The Horse Show at the Royal Dublin Society.

May as well be a British event.


farmer is on fucking fire here tonight smiley


I was out in Bewleys hotel beside the RDS yesterday
Those horsey fuckers are quite unsanitary, the place was in shit with bits of straw in the lobby
Lots of Nordies around
A nice few young wans in jodhpurs and boots though


Jodpurs are a sexy item of clothing (on the right bird obviously)


Before their arse starts to resemble a small country


@mac is this Bertram Allen fella anything to Bert and lance?


Bertram is Bert’s son


Didn’t even know he had a kid. Last time I saw him was when he turned up pissed at my mothers funeral


Cracking atmosphere around the rds. Going to be a lovely evening.


+1. The 51 are showing the Glasgow derby later on. Plenty of crowds around already.


Each to their own mate.


A great day all round in D4 for minority sports


The always entertaining Puissance about to get under way on RTE2.


Well done Cavalier Rusticana
Well done Seapatrick Cruise Cavalier

Joint winners


Unfortunately my weekend in the rds has turned into despair. One of my great friends died in a car crash. I’m shook to the very core.


Sorry to hear that mate.


Sorry for your loss, pal.


That’s really shit news, @AppleCrumbled.


Very sorry to hear that


That’s awful, sorry to hear that.