The horse show at the RDS

what a pretentious pile of shit

Good to see the heroes of yesteryear being wheeled out though, Moscow Flyer and the Inca especially

is it not animal cruelty though, putting them in the presence of so many toxic indivisuals

I wouldnt’ have thought so, no.

should be called the west brit show

Oh the irony. A crest of a Scottish football club on an Irish tricolour. :smiley:

or the “soup taker ajf o’reilly, his cheating godson and assorted other cunts show”:mad:

Is Tracey Piggott there? SS** has the hots for her;)

I’d probably ride Tracey myself. John Delaney has banged her a couple of times or so I’m led to believe.


Charity Sheild the last item on the sports news after the horse show. Fair enough really, but didn’t think the horse show would be above the Charity Sheild.

Not when Evra and Ballack went at it and more people in Ireland would follow United/Chelsea over the Rds horse show. :thumbsup:

Ah I wouldn’t say they “went at it”. Ballack was just getting his own back on that cunt for the ground staff of SB.

To think Evra got a 3 match ban for that shit. :smiley:

Yeah, starting on ground staff, how hard. Should have got 3 months the sneaky surrender monkey cunt.

according to QI the French are one of the must succesful people when it comes to fighting battles

We all know that’s bollox though don’t we

you may think its bollox

You may think the French are hard but they’re not really, no matter who tells you otherwise