The 'How long will it take for Fianna Fail to get back into power' thread


Where is the girl photoshopped in from?


Not any other job.
He’d still be at his level teaching away in a two room school in kiltimagh or some such place.


That’s not a photoshop. That’s a genuine photo. Remember hearing the girls name, which wasn’t a usual one. I think she lived out around Castleknock there. I googled her and she works in media in New York and still has the dark rings around the eyes.


No way. It has to be photoshop, too perfect.


school principle is just about Kennys level, along with that sex abuse cover up creep baldy


And this GIF on the blog where the photo came from nicely illustrates the FG/Lab election run


Lucky escape for all those kids in Kiltimagh that he wasn’t teaching there for the last 40 odd years. Pity the rest of us were stuck in the imbecile.


Maria Cahill will be along shortly to expose baldy Noonan.


Honest it’s real. Her name is Grainne Saxe. It came to me there.


Informative rating


Have we had this yet?



Jaysus. I thought she was famous from a Horror film. Honestly.


this will be our greatest victory,Michael Martin guiding us back from the dead


12 hours


@rocko is the poll lost forever?


Won’t be long now lads, we have strong ties with President Trump



Fantastic news, we need someone like Bertie back, a charismatic leader who is not afraid to make the tough decisions, look at the state of the country since he left office


Bertie sorted out a small matter for the GAA once, never asked a thing for it.