The 'How long will it take for Fianna Fail to call in the IMF again' thread

We’ve kicked them out, but for how long?

How long will it be before the electorate grow weary with Enda, and the bickering that will inevitably come with the FG/Labour Coalition. When will we as a nation crawl back to FF as our forefathers done before us, one election, two, three even?

Will it be years, decades even?

Needs a poll

18 months

6 weeks.

45 minutes

Hmmm, fair point, poll to follow unable to add one at the moment.

As a senior coalition partner never, as a junior partner it could be very soon.

Runt’s FG thread reminded me I never put a poll on this, done now.

they’re gone.
martin campaigning for an end to corporate donations tells you all you need to know
no money, no support, core vote dying off quickly as a result of their own economic incompetence.

whatever rump remains to be a junior partner in govt won’t be known as FF, even if they should miraculously survive as a political party.

Quite amusing story today with former Fianna Fáil TD Chris Andrews unmasked as an anonymous tweeter who was slagging off the party leadership and Micheál Martin in particular. Andrews has now resigned from Fianna Fáil.

A timely bump for this thread methinks…

They will be back in power at the next election as part of a coalition with FG. If they do get back I blame FG and their pathetic handling of everything since they got into government.

It would be better for the country if they would just wind up the party and let their members join up with fine gael (presumably most of them) or whoever else they want.

What has changed recently? I am away and have not been keeping up with the political scene at home. Labour imploding i presume?

In terms of politics in Ireland nothing much has changed. FG and Labour have just made a pigs ear of things and now are partaking in the usual scare tactics before the budget. They are afraid to make decisions and then they aren’t helped by James Reilly’s stroke politics and financial problems and Phil Hogan writing to some constituents to tell them that the a pikey family wont be getting housed in a house in their area.

Same old same old really.

Fianna Fail are on the way back up under the steady hand of Michael Martin. Fianna Fail made this country great before and they will do it again :pint:

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New poll out today shows FF recovered and now joint 3rd largest party with Sinn Féin. Not that much to read into it really. It’s years from an election and even if there were one in the morning you’d probably still get a Labour/FG government.

They haven’t gone away you know.

I know 2 up and coming FF councillers who will be in the push for seats in Galway East on the next election. Same as before as far as I can see…

A fucking joke… an article in the Irish Times had some bint saying that she will vote Fianna Fail because her family have always voted for them… That’s what you are up against in this country.