The 'How long will it take for Fianna Fail to get back into power' thread


Taoisagh valaker hasn’t long



Mickey Martin has called shenanigans on this. Just a few of berties pals on the wum so he says.




Ah lovely


FF have fuck all on their front bench, the party is on its last legs.



FF are not afraid to admit when they’ve made a mistake.


The appointment of Dara Calleary as deppity leader wouldn’t exactly fill you with hope.

Throw in “Director of Policy” to his portfolio and you’re reaching for the gawk- sack.

We’re truly fucked…:nauseated_face:


Jack Chambers, who still lives at home with mammy, Spokesman for Defence. I’d say Putin is shitting it.


What happened to the one that was there, with her FCA experience?


Donnelly sent to Angola I see? Lisa Chambers is new Brexit spokesperson.:grinning:


:smiley: This fella is ripe for any number of threads on here. The mostly empty bookshelves in the background a profound bit of symbolism as well.


He got torn asunder on social media when elected.


Lieutenant Chambers reporting for duty


Looks like some sort of Aryan Brotherhood lass.


The thoughts of anyone on the FF front bench possibly becoming a minister after next election is a sobering one.


Surely opposition spokesman for health is the easiest job going? Good profile too.
Where did Cowen end up?


Jack has gone out and got his own gaff. Nice fella, one to watch, but the other Chambers will go further…