The 'How long will it take for Fianna Fail to get back into power' thread


Ah here - if you shit yourself you shouldn’t get kudos for beginning to wipe up the mess.


It was a global financial crisis mate


Brian Lenihan set us on the road to recovery. Baldy noonan stepped in and took all the credit. Noonan who wants to open the floodgates to Muslim rapists



You only have to look at baldys tenure as leader of the blue shirts to see his true capabilities. It obvious Brian Lenihan set us the road to recovery. The gall of baldy taking all the credit


Fuck them for pandering to the left. Fine Gael are stuck in the centre refusing to take any position on anything and they don’t have to because FF are going to be out there slugging with the loony left and Labour for the entitlements vote. Give me a proper right wing party please.


Bullet point a summary of your high level manifesto Tim?

  • using public money for long term capital investment, not short term tax breaks and entitlement increases for boomers and pensioners. This is a ticking time bomb, we are not investing enough to cover depreciation when we have a population from the 40s upwards who feel entitled to an easy pension and will live longer. The Govt so far have decided to give to the latter, screw the kids being born today
  • wholesale welfare reform. Proper income insurance for people who lose their jobs which gives you time and space to get a new job, but ends them stone cold apart from food vouchers after 18 months
  • the return of proper third level fees, funded by a student loan system or an upfront payment system if someone can afford it
  • a cut to healthcare funding in hospitals if they don’t improve their performance
  • the removal of nonsense in the education system like compulsory Irish which shag all people take seriously. It’s existence in this day and age is entirely for jobs for the Irish language lobby - Gaeltacht Irish colleges, easy teaching jobs for Mary’s and Roisins from Galway, easy tax free money for grinds for said teachers ect. Instead it should be optional and more money should be put into useful foreign languages such as German, French and Spanish which are spoken all over the world and whose primary markets Irish citizens have freedom of movement to
  • a drastic cut in funding to the GGA in favour of truly international sports such as rugby football & golf
  • a 500% increase in funds for fee paying schools whilst allowing them to continue to keep the riff raff out with fees


Golf is not a sport.


This is a fantastic manifesto. Might we also have a committee that decides when a person is no longer economically viable for society and we could then shoot them?


Fees should be brought back in but I don’t know about the student loan idea. It’s been a disaster in the UK as half the students don’t bother their holes to pay it back.




Champ giving it socks here.


I’m pro Europe mate. I’m in favour of immigration.

The refugee thing from Syria is bonkers though as moving that many from such a vastly different culture quickly is always going to provide issues, but the Eastern European lads and other cheap labour we get from migration from semi decent countries is grand and perfectly capitalist.


This speach would be brill if tru


So you want a pro immigration right wing party?


You realise Fagan that many in the Republican Party are pro immigration because it gives them such cheap labour? Hence why Trump is not so popular with the establishment in the party and the money has gone for Jeb.


*informative rating. *


In reality there is nothing in the pro business/capitalist booklet against migration. It’s just fear and racism mainly in the Republican Party for the white ruling class who want to protect their born into position. There are well founded fears on a cultural basis though with mass migration from vastly different cultures.

Angela Merkel and Germany are crazy


Good ol Fianna Fáil, the same old hands at the pumps as destroyed the country.