The 'How long will it take for Fianna Fail to get back into power' thread


There’s some looper who put a load of these leaflets when Mary Hanafin came back for the locals around the Borough.


If Hannafin gets back in, then I will have no sympathy for the thick cunts who voted for her when it all comes crashing down again. A fucking leech and a waffler of the highest caliber. Early contender for coty


If someone in Dún Laoghaire Rathdown was opening a banana she’d be there for a photoop.







That’s disturbing *
*He looks like Alex Ferguson


The father met a current FG TD at a funeral there during the week who admitted that the most likely outcome of the upcoming general election would be a FG/FF coalition. “Anything to keep the other fellas out” - I think was the way he put it


About 5 days…


Posted in 2012 :open_mouth:


We are going to do it


FF line was 29.5 with Powers in mid January, hit 35.5 on Saturday and there could be more yet.

Labour has fallen from peak 11.5 to 7.5 currently and FG from a high of 60.5 at the end of January to 51.5 today.

Such numbers would suggest FF+FG having mid 80’s which is precarious given the tensions that would likely arise. No other scenario adds up.



Nothing adds up really. Looking like there is no possibility of a stable Government.

FF/FG would have the numbers but it’d be suicide for both parties to go full term together (and great for the country). It’d last about a year before FF pulled it down on some point of “principle”.
A FG minority supported by FF in opposition is possible but it’d be the same as above if not worse.
FG/Labour would need a strong showing plus SD, Renua & Independents. That’d be a clusterfuck altogether.
FF/SF even with a good day out for both would need a ball of independents, SD and AAA types, which again would be a disaster.


Only people who couldn’t see that are those that have their heads shoved so far up Enda Kenny’s arse they are unable to see what a complete and utter idiot the man is.


Do you think about Enda Kenny’s arse a lot?


He is not worth thinking about simple as that. In any other job the man would have been sacked 40 years ago for being useless.


You seem to reference him a lot for someone you don’t believe worth thinking about.



You coming home to vote Tossi?