The incredible pieces of skill thread

peter crouch in disguise…Who is the gimpwith the white boots/astro boots

If you pause it at 0.13 you see just how easy it should have been for the forward to take it past the keeper.

Almost MBB like

The keeper was off his line like a cat though.

I reckon the striker is Cesc4. On this evidence it’s easy to see why he’d let a bird stick a fist in his ass.

I can confirm that it is not Cesc4

Cant say I’ve stalked anyone on here Deccie. Not yet anyway. I didnt even bother me hole go to that match your lot played against the town. :smiley:

I must say I find this thread completely bizarre, weird, and a bit frightening.

I agree. That video is like special olympics tag soccer, totally wrong.

That clip is not reflective of the general standard but it does illustrate the limitations of one or two players in the TFK setup.

It should be pointed out that it’s not the Thursday team in action so you’re looking at the reserves playing in front of a near empty house. It’s probably not much more than a 5-a-side kickabout.

Ah that’s a bit more re-assuring. Sure everyone knows the Tuesday night team is shit.

The Dream Lives On!

Here the next time the Runt and tintin are up we’ll play ye boys in a game of kick ball. If any other muldoons want to play they could, but I’m sure that three would be sufficent after watching that.

Sounds like a challenge, I’m in.

Chalk me down

Bring the pain!!!

According to Bandage’s link this was the team for the night:

Who’s on the first team?

It was called off for a finsh so i was lucky enough.

Thats the way all hurling matches end in Laois


This is fucked up, and very freaky shit out of wtb. Going out to video record lads from here play ball?

Holy fuck.