The incredible pieces of skill thread


Ah lovely :clap:

Super stuff. Delighted not to feature.

Precision and pace. :clap:

Is that Bandage off in the distance, wrapped in some illuminous material?

Good linkup play between Kev and The Prawn but Prawn was slow to react to the through ball I thought.

Your man’s efforts to relieve the danger are priceless :smiley:

That striker is some pussy. The keeper should have been picking his teeth out of his runner.

The standard is even lower than I imagined.

The dream is shattered for me. It’s probably the single most disappointing video I have seen on you tube (althought it’s a close tie with the video titled “sexy girl stripping” but when it loaded it just said “Stop looking for porn on you tube you loser”)

I’m alarmed at this negativity. Especially from you runt.

it was a good through ball in fairness, pity the “striker” shit his pants.

Guys, guys, guys, it’s only a 21 second clip and one of our players actually wins the ball back and slips quite a nice ball through. However, I can’t defend the windy behaviour from our player approaching the 'keeper.

The star of the show for me is still the lad who clears the ball. He could go places.

If in doubt, fuck it out

I’m going to learn how to make a gif so the footage from 0.15 to 0.18 can live forever

Any clips floating around of my penalty save from this game?

If you pause at 0.13 is that farmer floating around midfield?

Can we call WTB the chief stalker around here after this incident?