The incredible pieces of skill thread




Looks better than the real story. It was an intra club charity game with Rapps of Eniscorthy. Wearing their hurling jerseys and the football sides red ones. That’s Skinner Walsh throwing the shoulder.




Anyone who’s played a bit of ball could do that, another example of the rugby lads getting all excited about somebody able to perform basic skills, like the time that lad from New Zealand picked up the ball with one hand




Lovely finish

This one was tasty too

#550 we have a winner😂


Close the fucking thread .

The “ fat man “ sang .



The way they can skate without falling on their holes seems incredible to me,
But anyway, was he showboating in a runaway victory?




Girls adopting to their Blanch surroundings by slathering on the fake tan


Ye Castleknock boys are awful fucking snobs.



From a Brazilian basketball game. This chap’s team are down to 2 with the clock about to expire and he generates a 3 pointer for himself.


Mother of Jesus




If anyone has a clip of lynch’s pick up last night please can you throw it up.