The Irish Illuminati Thread

Todd Andrews was a boyo. Ira as a kid. Ff through and through. Interned in the curragh and then head of bord na mona, CIE then RTE. Here’s a pic of him with Dev bearing a striking resemblance to a certain RTE presenter.


2 FF Td sons Niall and David. Grandson Barry currently gurning at the nation from every fucking lampost. The wasteful prick (check out the N32 or the Porto/malahide coast road).
Other grandsons include David McSavage and Ryan Tubridy. No more needs to be said.


You have freemasons in the south?

AKA posh boys of FG

No. The cunts cost a fortune

Half BBC ni

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Willie ó dea is a knowing freemason, has been seen going i to that stonecutters building on the Shannon.

You forgot the black sheep Chris.

Barry is actually a lovely guy with lots of integrity. If anything he is too nice for politics.

Running for Dublin City Council

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Sounds like a thundering cunt.


He went to Gonzaga as well.

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A guy I know of from college started landing some pretty good semi state jobs in recent years. I always found it a bit of a mystery as to how he was qualified for the jobs but I see from some from election material that he appears to have married into a strong FG family and would have a well placed brother in law.

Laura Magahy


800k for free healthcare, sounds like a great deal.



Kieran Mulvey sorting out the economy of the dormant bog lands in the midlands

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Defamation: check.

Godwin’s Law: check.

David Quinn and Eamon “Davis” Delaney joining in a pile on: check.

Utterly useless cunt: check.