The Irish Illuminati Thread

A thread to log the activities of the people who actually run the State.

  1. Kieran Mulvey. Another fucking Mulvey report out yesterday. This time on the North Inner City. Mulveys expertise in Urban Regeneration. Unknown. Sits there impassively staring into the distance wearing a suit and a scarf while Enda blathers on. The ultimate go to man when fuck all is the desired result.

do you remember the time he got involved with those GPa cork hurling cunts? he was hailed as some sort of messiah

I do. They were worse than ever after him.

Huzzah!!! Welcome back oul’ stock. Family all well I hope.

What a few days for the forum…:beer::wine_glass:


Ah to be fair, there’s only so much anyone could do with that many cork cunts involved.

I spent an afternoon at a lecture thing that he gave.
He’s an interesting charismatic man. He had some great stories from his time as a facilitator over the years. I learned a lot from him.

Willie O’Dea is a freemason.


Terri Prone.

3.Josephine Feehily. Another useless fucking civil servant who has acquired the sobriquet “a safe pair of hands” and gets landed into one handy job after another as a consequence

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@artfoley seemed to hold her in high regard

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She’s doing a shit job as head of the Policing Authority.

A “shit job” or “shit at the job” ???

Peter Sutherland

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Good point

She maintains a high profile but has some serious gaps in delivery

Josephine Fehilly again

I see Brendan Kenny on prime time there, he’s now the Deputy Chief Executive of Dublin City council with responsibility for housing. The stellar job he did on the Limerick Regeneration Project must have ensured he landed another plum job.

A lot of freemasons in Limerick no surprise there. Wogan, Harris, basically anyone with a statue were freemasons.

Axel? Did he know too much?

He’s a well fed looking fella too

He didn’t get a statue as such. More of a concrete sculpture that looks nothing like him.