The Island it is silent now

But the ghosts still haunt the waves


The torch lights up a famished man who fortune could not save

Chevron was a genius. What a song.


Did you work upon the railroad? Did you rid the streets of crime?

Don’t know why but humming and singing it all day today.

A song for the ages

A banger. That and ‘A Pair of Brown Eyes’

It’s a beautiful song, it has a poignant signifinance for me but not anything I could mention here.
My favourite line is when he returns from the drinking session and says
‘When I got back to my empty room I suppose I must have cried’

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We said good night to Broadway,
Giving it our best regards,
Tipped our hats to Mr Cohen,
Time Squares favourite bard,
We raised a glass to JFK
And a dozen more besides,
We I got back to my empty room
I suppose I must have cried

That is savage song writing.

Unbelievable lyrics mate. Not gonna pry. Just hope all is well captain

Hadnt seen this. Savage stuff.

Most of the thick Muldoons on here would call him a West Brit :joy:

No worries. It’s quite historic at this stage. Nothing to worry about just that song has special significance.

@Tassotti used to love that line too.


Boom. The poor cunt was probably a regular.on the old bus and ferry run as well.

A genius ??? He wrote a decent enough song about immigration . Geniuses cure diseases , design bridges , invent life enhancing drugs , win all Ireland , win serie A titles with Napoli , conduct surgery , design innovative agricultural systems etc …

Pretty sure geniuses write songs and poetry as well pal, don’t take it to heart.
He also wrote faithful departed made famous by Christy Moore and his own band the radiators from space were fucking brilliant.


He was great . Loved his music . Far more influential than SMG .

Ah no. Shane is way beyond genius

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Santry is in D4 now is it? Is it even in Fingal?

No and no Chef, are West Brits only found in those two areas?

D4 would be the epicenter anyway, with the odd north side wannabe like Bono.