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It depends on how many lads are hiding behind it at the time


Users generally seem to prefer it too.


A very prudent thing if your workplace handles confidential or legally sensitive matters. Things don’t get left on a printing tray when you have to go over to the printer to release a job. Reduces frivolous printing too.


The only way to go. Fob card activated is the handiest method.


A lot of printing is outsourced nowadays, the company pays by the page count and don’t have to invest in the printer hardware or support it. Making each user login to print allows printing to be charged back to each department.


Big legal firms require a client number be entered before print jobs are released, so each page can be accounted for through outlay billing.


Sure the cunts would probably charge the client for having to walk to the printer.


It’s all about the billables. They’d charge for the lad standing at the photocopier


Don’t speak ill of @Brimmer_Bradley


Getting a bit ahead of yourself kp. We don’t even have fob/swipe card access to the building


Tis many a happy hour I spend loitering around the printer, sure tis a form of networking and keeping tuned in to staff and colleagues.


You are a printer King!


God no, the tech I work with is far more sophisticated.


Lads, what’s the best andriod app for office365 email? The outlook app is the worst I’ve ever seen. Recent convert to android phone and this is killing me slowly but surely.


I don’t mind the Outlook app myself.


@Ambrose_McNulty @KinvarasPassion

Benefits sound pretty decent:


Compensation (We offer market competitive salaries)
Stock Options (Every employee is an owner in the company)
Pension scheme with company match (Make the most of retirement)
Paid Time Off (25 vacation days)
Private Health Coverage (100% company paid)
Life/Death in Service and Income Protection (We’ve got your back)
Lunch (Monday - Thursday)


Check the small print pal…

I think they mention about not giving sick leave and that you need to use your annual leave if needed.

The potential salary is attractive though, well paid roles.


The fact I know fuck all about Linux admin / scripting would appear to be a stumbling block.


They’d want to double my public sector salary for me to do a day’s work for the yanks. An auld friend of KP’s would be interested though…



Can you create a ‘role’ for me in that place Amby. Director of QA or something would be nice.