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No, pal. It wouldn’t suit you now… At all at all at all.


Validation, a shower of cunts!


If you gave us decent code there would be no defects mate.


Not even that. Engineering validation and their protocols and qualifications. A global it project held up due to their arse covering data nonsense


Some fuck dog square head cunt wants to make a late change to the code base and we going to production sunday. He got both barrels there in a conf call.


A hectic couple of days but I nailed an Office365 migration project that I’ve been working on for a few months.

While previously I would have been sceptical of the benefits of Office 365, with the recent improvements in the offering and changes to the pricing structure I would say any small company would want it’s head examined for not migrating over to it.



Any experience with Azure AD?


Not yet, but our server nerds are planning on using it for DR. I’d assume it’s a pretty simple deployment. Having ADFS up there would be interesting too for Office 365


Attention computer savvy posters

I bought a new charger last week for my laptop in some computer repair shop, its a universal type charger. It worked fine until last night when the charging light just stopped and the icon indicating my laptop was charging also stopped ticking over. While I unplugged it and tried looking into the problem my battery went down to 96%. I plugged it back in and have left it in since but again the light and icon to indicate its charging hasn’t come back on. But strangely the battery has remained at 96% charged. So it appears to be keeping the battery at the level its at but not topping it up to 100%. Anyone seen that before? Do I just take it back tomorrow?


It’s the wrong voltage. It will probably charge the laptop if it is shutdown but only maintain when using it


Cheers. Your man was there in the shop “what voltage is it?” and before i answered “i don’t know” he goes “ah sure it doesn’t matter what voltage it is anyway”. :rollseyes:


Any good deals here lads for Black Friday at Lidl? I’m thinking of getting a tablet device, is this a good deal €99?


@KinvarasPassion a nice way of saying can you deal with a lazy, incompetent Indian programming team

Desirable Requirements

· Ability to work across culturally diverse boundaries in a global environment.


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: perfect

Thank fuck those days are over


I see that tablet sales have fallen heavily and continue to fall. Down 8.5% in the past year and 10 quarters of successive decline in sales.

Seems to have quickly saturated the market, hard to enhance them further while the units dont die as quickly as phones.


The increase in popularity of larger screen size on phones, plus the durability issues (too durable) you mention, have pretty much killed off the tablet. Then you have the SurfaceBook and iPad Pro muscling in at the higher /corporate end of the market, meaning the standalone tablet device is pretty much redundant.


They just aren’t convienient. They aren’t a phone or a laptop which I suppose was their original selling point but for me it just meant they were nothing


I use my tablet for the Showbox app and not much else. I browse the internet on it as well but it’s pretty shit tbh. Found it handy a few times for watching stuff abroad alright.


Cool story


Fuck off cuntyhooks.