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If you buy an iPad your restricted on what you can do and put on there. An android tablet you will have the freedom to put on what ya want.



Just looking on PC world to start with and It’s €419 for a 9.7" screen and €900+ for a 12.9" screen.


Buy a Chromebook


In terms of downloading i guess you mean?


Each to their own but absolutely no way would i spend that much. Any of the cheap android ones I posted above would do you grand. If you wanted a brand the Samsung ones are far superior.

One benefit of android is you can use the mobdro app on it. Free sport. Can’t on ipad. Also shoebox gives you access to shows and movies for free. Again limited to android


Yep in terms of downloading and the apps that you can put on there.


Surely to fuck a company that size has a backup server and power supply?


It’s like something that the Simpsons would make up.


Years ago there was a big job going on in my office and the heavy stuff was done over 4 nights. We had to have a keyholder on site each night to reset the alarms etc.
On my night on, at circa 8:30pm the foreman asked if he could knock off the power supply to the entire building for 15 mins. I told him to work away.
2 mins after he knocked it off a young wan from upstairs ( we share with a co council dept, completely separate entrance ) came down roaring crying that she’d lost 6 hours work. Wanted to call the guards and all when I didn’t join her in hysterical crying over it.
She has been moved to another department since.


She never heard of making a back up I suppose.


That I don’t know buddy.I asked could she not ring some IT fella but she just kept on crying.
She was distraught over it but in fairness I was well shocked to think anyone in that dept worked after 5:00pm.


She had likely spent the day writing her wedding booklet.


@Ambrose_McNulty @KinvarasPassion

Got this in a job spec earlier:

Good knowledge and experience in Microsoft Desktop software (Windows 98/2000/XP, Office 97/2000/XP) is a requirement.


Our Department uncovered an asset down the South East this week running Windows 98 :rofl:


No one cares about the South East as we see from the CAT lab discussion.


Can you direct me there pal


It was the CAT lab running windows 98


Most waterford people speak like they are running Windows 98


Windows 98 boi, quare slow