The Joe Brolly tells porkies thread

Joe is Joe but that glorification of violence in old matches while absolutely lambasting the likes of yer man mckinless and talking about how ashamed he is etc is absolutely cuntish carry on in the extreme. Fucking ridiculous Dion Fanning doesn’t call him up on it either. That story has some smell of bullshit off it too.


Brolly being inconsistent and a hypocrite? Well I never!


The day people cease to be inconsistent and hypocritical about on-pitch violence in the GAA is the day the GAA dies.

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Brilliant from Joe, he never says anything without having every possibility mapped out.

Just off the phone to whelan there, he confirmed every word of Joe’s story

He’s a clown and an idiot.

Joe pledges to step aside to allow Luke Ming Flanagan a clear run at the presidency

Dion knows there’s only one reason anyone is listening to the podcast

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Dion sews it into joe

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Lovely message there from Joe to his learned colleague Jim Allister KC.

I wish Mickey well as the next manager of Carlow


Piss off Joe. People can vote for who they like.

As far as bonfires go that is one of the shittest ive seen. Its quite a mess, terrible features. Garish really. E minus

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Joe gets it

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They love marching though

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You’ve a strange relationships with Joe

Is there Catholic Gavin peppers in the north?

Loyalists love royalty, tattoos, being overweight, baldness, fake tan, Rangers, Benidorm, Manchester, Glasgow.