The joy of sax

A thread to celebrate the saxophone, be it leading the song or just in a solo. Im sure a lot of the people on here enjoy a bit of solo sax

Laurent garnier : the man with the red face

Glenn frey: the heat is on

Men at work: who can it be now

Howard jones: pearl in the shell

I’m hijacking your thread

Tim capelllo: i still believe

Pink floyd: us and them

Hall and oates: maneater

And the most famous “flat” sax, gerry rafferty: baker st

Here Foley, Fuck off with that shit (no offence to your effort). Here’s the maestro of his and any other era. John Coltrane. :clap:

Dexter Gordon - Round Midnight

The album that blew the doors open, or off

Ornette Coleman

Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz - The girl from Ipanema

Stan Getz - Samba de Una Nota

Everyone can pull out a magic sax solo… John Coltrane, for listening, rules and closes the thread.

Thread closed as Coltrane wafts by me…Fucking sumptious…Smoooooooth shit!!!

No Baker street:eek:



Bruce Springsteen - Jungleland [Album Version]:

Give the poor chap a few minutes, to see if he cops on

[QUOTE=“croppy_boy, post: 1041120, member: 306”]Clarence

Bruce Springsteen - Jungleland [Album Version]:

Came in to post the exact same thing. Still gives me goosebumps