The Lesser Known candidate thread

A thread to document lesser known candidates in the forthcoming election and what they might stand for. A thread for people who look at election posters or the ballot paper and think “who is this guy”

Dublin Bay North

Conor Creaven

Conor is on Facebook. He is a well known Suttonian. He is for change.

Brian Garrigan.

Brian is from Artane. He has difficulty with spelling.

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Brian could be a man who would enjoy the whiskey thread, his leaflet appears to have been written after a good few small ones.

BTW you will doubtless be pleased to find that he is not even priced by PP for DBN


Bernard Mulvany. People Before Profit. Bernard polled a respectable 798 votes in the local elections and has interesting taste in spectacles.

Rita Mcinerney, running for FF , Rural rejuvenation seems to be her primary focus.

*surprised that ff are running a third candidate in Clare, albeit one is east Clare, one is Ennis and rita is west Clare.

** rita hasn’t a hope of getting elected

She looks like a grand happy girl.

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She should probably have had her election poster done professionally.

She looks very surprised

Pippa is so green she doesn’t even wear clothes.

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You’d know all about surprised women


Well played


They’ve to get their gender quota numbers up.

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Linda McEvoy is an occasional musician and she differs slightly from Ben Gilroy on Irexit. It would be safe to say she is a euro sceptic.

Arms folded and watch on the wrong* hand is not a good look for a political poster.

  • for the vast majority of us

Hadn’t ever heard of this fellow and hard to track down any information about him. Running in Galway Easht, looks like the. anti-Luke “Ming” Flanagan…

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Rita is a sister of '92 lidgind Francis

She could be trying to pick up the left handed vote.

In which case rita and myself are distant relatives.

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Our local man here on the ground in Limerick City, Frankie Daly. Not sure what he was doing up in Tipp though.

He had me on his affordable housing point until he said Solicitors and Doctors :smile:

Were was the central bank or financial regulator asleep? Is that a question. I’m going to guess in their beds?

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