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From shadowy mulliance orchestrator to message boy of the Royal Fingal Regiment. What a spectacular fall.


I probably still wouldn’t get it but I’m giving that a like for the thread that’s in it

It’s important to grow and evolve as both a person and poster. As the titular character says to the Russian crowd after he slayed Ivan Drago in Rocky IV

“I Guess What I’m Trying to Say, Is That if I Can Change, and You Can Change, Everybody Can Change!”

The cold wars on here and in real life are over


Just a query.

Why do I share the same colour as Nembo and Cicero?

Is there some racial profiling done on the Italian community here?


@Flano would be turning in his grave

Flank died so we could live

@SHANNONSIDER is back? Well holy god

@rocko earlier today.


We’ll keep @iron_mike, but you can have that layabout cunt, @mikehunt.


It’s a long time since he was begging the NYC contingent to join the Mulliance.What happened to this man.

I’m pure mane with the likes. I’ll take them all though

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Jesus that’s awful contrary behaviour.

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A black hole of likes.

If you get one it’s like a medal of honour though

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You ungrateful pup. I’ve given u loads of likes but I draw the line at euthanasia.

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How do I find people on that yoke?

Move your nose to the right or left.


Click around like a lunatic. Whether names show up or not seems to be random

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You are Ulster by the looks of things.

It’s tricky but you can use the colours and you can filter at the top to see likes by Wexford posters for example which narrows it down a bit.

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