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Another treat for all you fans of Dataviz this evening.

This one is probably not done yet because it can be improved but I’ll put it out there for now with incomplete data, though the data displayed is correct.

We had this before ages ago based on a Google chart functionality that has sadly been withdrawn. But reintroducing here the exclusive who likes whom on TFK.

Some points on the data:

  • This is all likes for the last 5 years where there has been more than 215 likes between two individuals. So I liked Bandage’s posts 250 times in that period, it should be visible on the graph. If I didn’t then it won’t be.
  • Those likes can be in both directions. If I liked Bandage 250 times and he liked me 500 times then there should be an arrow from Rocko to Bandage and also from Bandage to Rocko.
  • The thickness of the arrow represents the volume of likes. The thicker the arrow, the more likes passed in that direction.
  • You can click on people and drag them around to make things clearer. You can also select some of the cliques by clicking the filters (but you’re seeing who they liked, not the members of that clique).
  • As an example, let’s look at @anon7035031:


You can see that @Enrique has liked his posts more than 215 times but the reverse is not true. Same goes for his relationship with @carryharry. But he has a big thick double arrowed lined to @ironmoth. They like eachother’s posts a lot.

Those maroon dots linking to him show his loyalty within the Nogra group but there are some sneaky arrows to the Fingal and Limerick groups too.

  • The size of the dots tells you the poster’s like ratio. Labane has a reasonable looking dot there in that image, it’s average. Look at that big circle for @Fagan_ODowd though. He’s harvesting likes in a much higher ratio to his posts.

  • I put most people in a relevant group. Don’t be offended if you’re the wrong colour.

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Wow. Just wow.


Russian intelligence are currently feeding this graph through a few bots to start targeting misfortunate Limerick forumites via social media to try to sway them away from the Chicken Hut towards Donkey Ford’s.


@TreatyStones is the glue that holds the forum together

@Rocko you’ve @iron_mike put in with the nogra. I cant imagine either side will be pleased


He’s an extremely important person.

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You could set your watch by him.

@anon7035031 with some serious explaining to do here. Also hello @SHANNONSIDER

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We’ll have to get you into the private group.

An important point I forgot to mention but will add to the first post now: The size of the circles is proportionate to your likes ratio (i.e. total number of likes received / total number of posts).


There is a wheel within this wheel which runs the show? I’m already a mid ranking free mason but I’m open to joining other powerful groupings which pull the strings of political power.


This is essentially a Limerick forum.

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An honour to be included in the bosom of the TFK Fingal clique. A life’s ambition has come to pass


My mind is blown

Fair bit of work done there :+1:

That’s incredible.

By God.

I don’t get it?

Jesus @flattythehurdler throws the likes around like confetti.


Hard to see on a phone if you’re on one. It’s more for a laptop or tablet experience.


He throws likes around like money.