The love of your life ❤

I’d like to think everyone has one person in their life who they’ve loved unconditionally and unfailingly. For some of us we’ve been lucky to go on and marry them. For others, they were teenage romances now lost to fleeting memories, moments we know we’ll never recreate no matter how hard we try with future partners. Who is/was your one true love or are you still waiting?

For me, it’s @ClarkeyCat’s girlfriend. A fine, fine woman. Great fun, great looking, we connect on a deep, spiritual level, and yet so frustratingly unattainable. At the moment. :heart:


Fucks sake

Go for it mate. What’s for you won’t pass you.

Is she a bit flirty?

Is Clarkey the lad that gets a bit rapey after a few pints ?

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Does he? More than most you mean? Are you thinking of @Dexter (aka Jugs?)

She sure is. She’s very gamey.

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Tom Brady for me. I love him with all my heart.

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He’ll only let you down.

And leave him deflated



You will be deflated .

FFS sake.

Lolz. Good one.

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The brown rivers of west Limerick and north Kerry .

Hurling, like a good woman, will give you many dark days, but the highs are worth it all

Drugs & Live Music.

Good Weed, Pills & Powder combined with quality banging tunes is untouchable.

Those days are all behind me unfortunately.

  • and riding random women. Who doesn’t miss that?
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You were born on a small farm in Tipperary . The best live music you saw was at a macra na feirme dance , the nearest to a drug was the smell of amonium and the nearest to promiscuous sex was being blown by sucky calves .

You are some jinnet . !!!:ram:



Very good :smile:


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