The Lovely Ladies Thread


A lovely wiðe gob on her for tea bagging.


Professional golfer, Shasta Averyhardt


Almost a twofer, she could have gone in the ridiculous names thread too, if golf was a sport.

Granted, other photos of her arent so kind.


Ah here


i wouldn’t ate that


I’d love to see some of the women the lads here end up with.
Its gas to see people i have seen photos of who are ugly as sin and wouldn’t get within 10 levels of a woman like Rihanna going on about her actually looking healthy.


Well said Kev


Fucking hell, thats a headshot on poor aul @The_Dunph


Semi-Pro Golfer/Instagram model Paige Spiranac


Ah yes, God bless Paige


Pro Golfer Carly Booth again


Who’s that bloke?


You are banned from this thread. Fuck off


You have no authority to ban me.


You failed to answer my question elsewhere.

I think we all have the authority to ignore you and laugh at you trying to be one of the lads commenting on ladies


Which question?

Who is “we” by the way?


Not me brah


If you think that’s a bloke, and count yourself as devoutly Catholic, I think we may be have the reason why you fear sleeping with women so much.


Who are “we”?


Not me brah. The north stands together.