The Lovely Ladies Thread


Members of the forum.

What were you expecting? The Spanish Inquisition?


I heard your Aussie ex was a looker alright.


Members of the forum seem to be disagreeing with the holocaust deniers and pathological liars of the forum.


I don’t understand how lads cannot understand that men might have different taste in women to them but at the same time are A OK with the homosexual issue.


Not me.

I was just offering a plausible reason for your dislike of sex - that you don’t know the difference between a woman and a woman. A fine example of this is in your post above where you asked ‘Who’s that bloke?’ when it was clearly a female.



You posted a contested viewpoint that you tried to pass off as populist on this thread, I’ve seen the blokes and trannies you’ve posted up here, I will let the others speak for themselves but I’d say they’ve noticed your taste in “women”.


What was the contested viewpoint that I posted? That it was a woman?

You’re a bit of a drama queen.


You spoke for others.

Others disagree with you speaking for them because you like “women” who look like blokes.


Ah fuck off the lot of yis


Pictures lads ffs



Nembo seems to be under the impression this is a bloke


It looks like Maxi Lopez who used to play for Barcelona.





Ah Pia…Probably my finest contribution to the board.


If you’re going to continue labelling every post someone else makes as a ‘bloke’ will you be honest enough to post up what you consider to be a lovely lady?


I have contributed to this thread. I merely pointed out that you like “women” who look like blokes.


So you’re admitting that you’re not honest enough to give a reference point to what you currently consider to be an attractive woman then jog on or contribute constructively towards this thread.

All I’m asking for is an example, I’m not attacking you.


Here these two should cover all his angles