The Lovely Ladies Thread


Nope. That’s what you’re saying.

I’ve said I’ve made contributions in the past and when a lovely lady, who doesn’t look like a bloke, comes to my notice and I deem her worthy, then I will contribute. At this time I have nothing to put forward but I will speak out against people proffering up blokes on this thread.



This is the lovely ladies thread, why are you posting up trannies?



And I will continue to insinuate that you appear to think that people who are obviously women are ‘blokes’ and this, combined with your devout Catholicism, is why you are actually afraid to have sex with one for fear you make a similar mistake in real life and are damned to Hell for all eternity.



Instagram model :grin:




There are two (2) posters in this thread on the verge of receiving infraction notices if they carry on posting in a completely irrelevant and non-lovely fashion.

Edit: Retracted.


Huh? I gave my score, brah.


Now retracted.


Looks like Robbie Savage.


your line of questioning here is very very very strange. you clearly have very very strong issues with other men who are not attracted to the same women that you find sexually attractive. its very very strange behaviour all together.


I’ve no issue with that at all.

My issue is that @Nembo_Kid continually labels those he does not agree with as ‘blokes’ so I was just trying to find some explanation.

I never said I found that particular lady attractive by the way.


I thought I was going to see lovely ladies in here. :frowning:


Tiffany Thompson, the bird that Ezekial Elliot is supposed to have slapped around and got himself a 6 game ban as a result


Why the long face and Buff like jaw? She looks like a man.


Presumably the aftermath of getting hit by Elliot.


the middle photo with her arse cocked up in the air is top class


Looks like ezekial is about to park his bike.


No can do. His tyre fell off