The Mac and Treatystones Beer Thread

Don’t know if there is a thread on this already, but please table a list of your favourite world beers and suggestions for others to try…

I am very much a fan of Belgian brew and would have Duvel and Leffe blonde in my top 5…

Other favourites would be Erdinger, Beer Laos, Okochim, Singha and Hoegaarden White.

I really love my wheat beer… any good recommendations for this ?

have to say im not a fan of weissbiers. My favourite beers would be budvar, becks gold and staropramen

Peroni and James Boags are two favs at the mo. Would murder a case of either now.

Staropramen from bottles. Zloty Bazant. Leffe blond

Love this one as well. Paulaneer is a great weissbeer too, far more popular in Germany than Erdinger. Cobra is a great lager, Sam Adams is very good. Really like decent english ales, Old Speckled Hen and Hens Tooth are excellent.

Great Thread CM

love any brand of Kolsch
hoegarden white as CM points out is sublime
when home I love a peroni

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Peroni, bad pony from my experience.

[quote=“hannibal, post: 576466”]
Love this one as well. Paulaneer is a great weissbeer too, far more popular in Germany than Erdinger. [/quote]

The weissbeers in Munich are superb.

Paulaner, Erdinger, Hoegarden and Leffe Blonde fairly cover it for me. Franziskaner isn’t too bad either

I love a Peroni, was getting through a case of it over the weekend. I’m not too familiar with the German beers, must investigate.

As your senior Australian correspondent, I would steer all of you away from the obvious Aussie beers - VB, Tooheys New, Cascade, Carlton, XXXX, they’re all utter shite and should not be drunk under any circumstances. Funnily enough, its impossible to get Fosters in Australia. Probably a good thing.

On the other hand, Coopers make fine beers, especially the sparkling ale.

But the best would have to be James Squire, excellent range of ales. stouts and lagers.

Near me there’s the Blue Tongue Brewery as well, the Pilsener is excellent, the lager quite nice also, though they have recently rebranded and its appallingly bad compared to what went before which was very good:

There’s the odd good microbrewery putting out quality stuff as well, such as Red Oak:

Do any of you do your own home brewing? I have a Coopers kit at home which I’m going to try again, I made a bollocks of the first batch.

as the eminent aussie correspondent and de facto global correspondent for the site - I agree that Blue Tongue beer is decent. Aussie beer generally is awful piss.

beer is for getting pissed not for buffs anyway

Excuse me KIB Man, I am the senior and most eminent Australian correspondent for the site. Flano, I think you’ll find, is the de facto global correspondent.

If you want to change this you will have to initiate a poll in the best traditions of the site. Now fall into line, or whatever it is you say when challenged here.

Wrong !!

The piss they serve here in the U.K or in Oz might be scutter and made for this, but our friends on the continent certainly make beers to be enjoyed. A beer like Duvel, which is 8.6% in volume, is not for getting fucked up on, believe me I know. You have one or two, enjoy the experience, and move onto something with less volume if you wish to continue drinking.

Kwak is the greatest beer drinking experience in the world. Its belgian comes in an apparatus that only be described as Test Tube like. Absolutely beautiful. You’ll be rancid after about 4.

Without doubt the best belgian beer, Leffe Blonde, Duvel & Jupiler are nice too.

German Weissbier in Munich is the bomb, 2nd only to Kwak. Paulener probabaly the best of them but any local brew is usually better than the brands so always ask for it.

I would seriously consider asking Rocko to lock the thread though, nothing comes close to Pavel Kwaks invention.

Wonderful post :clap:

Where can I get this Kwak?
If I ask for it my local offie will they think I’m kwaked?

Which is the best off licence for foreign beers? The supermarkets are fairly shite for this sort of thing. The Dunnes close to me has a few English Ales like Old Speckled Hen which is nice. O’Briens seem to always have a decent selection and I’ve gone through nearly every bottled beer they have.

Duvel & Chimay are like rocket fuel, alright for a couple of bottles but good luck to anyone who spends a night drinking it.
Asahai - Average enough Japanese bottled beer, nothing to go mad over.
Bishops Finger - decent English Ale
Brahma - no different to any standard plain lager
Brooklyn Lager - see Brahma with a twangy taste
Cobra - about as Indian as Tikka Massala
Coopers Pale Ale - An alright sort of an ale
Coopers Sparkling Ale - Not as nice as the pale ale
Coopers Stout - Pish
Crabbies Ginger Beer - Surprisingly refreshing and easy to drink. Kind of like Koppaberg cider.
Fullers EBS and London Ale - Good solid ales
Fullers Organic Honey Dew - Nicest drink I have ever bought in any off licence bar none.
O’Haras stout is lik the Coopers Stout. The O’Haras Ale is nice enough. O’Haras red woudn’t be for me.
Sam Adams - nicer on draught in the US than what you get in the bottle here. One of the better US lagers
Spaten & Paulaner - both are much nicer than Erdinger but don’t seem to get as hyped up

Am sure there’s more but there the ones that spring to mind

Hey Mac, Cobra beer is savage.
That Sam Adams was fine and tasty on the draft too.
Tiger beer is decent.
Duvel and Leffe are two great beers to blow the head off you.
Paulaner is great tack.

Cobra is the equivalent of Mac on this board. Dull, no character, and too plain.

I forgot Chang - the most underrated beer in the world.

kriek boon is also fantastic

expensive but delightful