The Mac and Treatystones Beer Thread

The odd time we go out to dinner it’s about €150 - €200 per head. And this is some backwater town in Northern Sweden

*I’m not footing the bill

I’m very happy to have a couple of beers on my own, but I’m an introverted cunt

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You’ll have some walloper of a headache after a few of those.

My first ever pint in a pub was Harp.


Errigal Brewing.

Annagry pale ale


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I got the selection box as a gift again this Christmas. I think I’ll her not to bother with it next year. The beers are all very heavy in it. Not really my thing.

2 is plenty, though I’ll have a third tonight and be a right mad bastard. The only reason I keep getting them is because the local Centra have a terrible selection

Light weight

Wow, that’s gorgeous, I think you’d love this @caulifloweredneanderthal

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