The Mac and Treatystones Beer Thread

Some fake thing

Fair play @locke. Mondays. You’ve really upped your drinking the last year or so…

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Is it Monday? :woozy_face:

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Are you on the road again? By god.

Unrale lad. I don’t know how I do it.

Whats it like and where did you pick it up?

Very nice indeed

Number 21 Ballinacurra

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This is lovely


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Where’d you pick it up?

O’Learys on the South Douglas Road

I haven’t seen it in T12 … I must pick up a few when passing.

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@Smark i was in here this evening and noticed they had the porter but not the pale ale. As an aside they have a pub out on the Dingle peninsula in the Gaeltacht somewhere and you can stay there in rooms overhead

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That’s the brewery as far as I know too. In the absolute middle of nowhere. I cycled by it years ago and couldn’t believe it when I saw it

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Close to the best beach in Ireland - Wine strand

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It’s just outside Ballyferriter, in Tig Bric, they’d have good passing (and local) trade in the summer

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Have you been in? I have it on my to do list

Has anybody ever tried this stuff? Good deal on it at the moment.

It’s only nice @StoneCold.