The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


There is when you wake up on a park bench after 6 of them. Just ask @Tassotti


I had a couple of pints of Guinness Brewing Project Dublin Amber Ale yesterday. Essentially Smithwicks with a Guinness top. Meh.
I had a pint of Dan Kielys cider in the Bru House as well. Went back to the Bulmers immediately


I had my first cans of Bulmers in many years, kindly donated to me by some teenage and boisterous Waterford bucks on the train who noticed us trying to buy beer off the large bottomed trolley girl on the train, and our disgust that she only had bud left, I’ve always had a soft spot for Deise folk since my college days. One of the lads got up for a smoke at every stop with a rollie behind his ear, never once went through with it out of fear that the train would leave him behind despite rowdy encouragement from his pals,
Anyway Bulmers is lovely, beats the shit out if any of the fancy ciders I’ve tried in the meantime


It’s hard bate. There’s a Cronin’s cider knocking about pubs in Limerick that isn’t a bad alternative.


The stella stuff is grand.


They’re all good but their longboard lager is one on my favourite lagers


£2.40 a pint and 3.2% ABV down at’ social club…


I’ve just cracked open a hobgoblin gold, lovely tac.


A man of taste!


Its very nice tbf. not to be chilled too much either.


dr thirsty hongoblin is also very nice


I’m gonna tip up to the shop and get a few West Indies Guinness. I’m gone mad on it.


Are you getting warmed up for next weekend pal?



Kenmare IPA is the business


Drinking this Wexford stuff tonight. A very easy style PA. Citrusy but not overly so. Not really hoppy. 7/10.


I had 10 pints of Murphys in the Diamond Bar in Beal na Blath last night. Savage tack. Not a braic on me this morning.


Surprised that place is still open. Great spot. Was there a good bit 20 + years ago when cousins of mine used to be road bowling there.

Not a fan of the Murphys mind you


It was buzzing. We had a right sing song.


Did ye sing the boys of kilmichael?