The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


Looks a lovely pint that, enjoy mate.


I’m uptown mate. Now you have put it into to my head to lay out a few tunes. No better way to round off an intense period of international travel and building relationships


You’d want to hand that pint back @Tassotti, you can tell by the head on it that its come out of uncleaned pipes


I wouldn’t wash the tractor with that shite


What’s wrong with ale mate?


Supping a couple of Guinness Rye Pale Ales for the first time. Very moreish.


Get on the West Indies yellow label stuff


I’ll track down a couple of these bad boys later and revert with my findings. :+1:


It’s unreal pal…


cc @ChocolateMice


Ah lovely.


You’ll be dying after 6 of them


How did you go, pal?


Twas grand, I’d be more of an ale man from the bottles. 7/10


This the first one to fall?

Be a few more after them no doubt.

It’s no wonder they went broke when they spent €158k on a creditors list.


I had a few cans of lager there on Wednesday night and they were delicious.

Craft beer is over.


@bandage had this called sometime back. Ahead of the curve as always.


liquidators :pint:


" The court heard the company, which made the beer from natural mountain lake water and carrageen moss, has a creditor’s list totalling €158,000. "



Thinly veiled: tap water.