The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


Sure Uber lost 1.5bn last quarter


Über is fucked


Not surprised. Mayo has 4(four) craft breweries which is far too much for a county that has a high roaster count. Hard to break out of a place like Achill, took us nearly a day to get there last summer. I had one in Nevins and it wasn’t anything special. Reel Deel is far superior…


I had a few pints of O’Hara’s stout last night. Twas grand.


There’s a limited edition stout from treaty city brewers called 1690 (available in Mother Macs) that is unbelievable, chatting with the owner the other day he said he never had such positive feedback, worth searching out for Limerick posters


I think the marketing department got this one wrong.


Looks like a few Cork “rebels”



9 (nine) pints of Guinness from leaving work at 4.15pm and home via the Chinese to see Christy Dignam on The Late Late. Unrealable. :clap:



Probably consumed 4000 calories. I hope you have a few 5ks lined up


He’s going to feel even worse whenever he finally wakes up and sees that.


I’ve been up since 7.30am, guys.

I forgot to document the Bailey’s Coffee I had yesterday lunchtime.


No wonder you are up early. The cortisol spike from that amount of booze would wake a bull. Add in the insulin effects from the Chinese and your endocrine system is all over the place.

You need to head off to a flotation tank this afternoon.


Any trip to the jacks yet?


I wasnt aware you were a homosexual father. Well wear


Ok guys, could everyone just lay ff @Bandage please. A lot of guys here are clearly jealous.


The diarrhoea thread will be getting bumped shortly.


A few of them have been driven demented by my little tradition of having an Irish or Bailey’s Coffee with lunch on a Friday.


Jesus you’ll have a big bloated fat head on you today won’t you


Fucking heroic stuff mate