The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


Nothing new there



The Boyne brewhouse stuff is lovely tac and all I’ve been drinking lately. The IPA is top notch


Dont mind them. My mother and her cronies have a similar tradition


That’s good drinking


Having a few West Indies Guinness. Great stuff.


Had a few Hope from Howth earlier - decent tack. Always prominent at Flavours of Fingal gig.


First time trying this tonight, delightful.


I was in The 51 of all places for a change at lunchtime today and I had my now traditional disguised Bailey’s Coffee after my chicken curry (half and half).



That’s very strange behaviour


Great tack . Made in Baile Mhuirne in the Muskerry Gaeltacht . A lovely place .


Staropramen available at 5 for a tenner in centra


Also five pint bottles of Staropramen in SuperValu for a tenner. I’m on my fifth and last pint of it here. It’s really enjoyable tack.


Good to hear that. It is strong tack, 5 bottles on a Wednesday night is good drinking


Yeah it feels like seven pints of Heineken. Do you know the way you open one and don’t know what way it will go but then each one just merges into the next and before you know it you’re five gone while watching a film. That’s how it happened, you never set out to drink five on a Wednesday night.


I have been there!

I keep a stash of peroni 330s in the drinks fridge for soft drinking in case someone calls in but I keep the staropramen for myself.


Yeah, you’ve a good system there. You seem to have it down to a tee. You couldn’t be giving good stuff like Staropramen to visitors. My go to drink the last year for the fridge has been cans of San Miguel but I’ll be adding bottles of Staropramen now too as long as it’s five bottles for a tenner. I hadn’t really drank Staropramen since I lived in England where it was on draught in one pub I frequented, and after one heavy day of it I was pulled out of the hedge I was sleeping in by the old bill and driven home in their squad car. But I really rediscovered the joys of it tonight.

I’d usually have cans of Canadian Molson then in the fridge for times of desperation or if visitors call.


We have all been in a hedge at some stage.

It was always a joy to find it on draught in an english bar. I am told a couple of places in Limerick have it now and will have to hunt them down.


Yeah serious juice on draught