The Mac and Treatystones Gay Bear Thread


No, no I didnt.


Where pal?

Haven’t seen it in an Oirish offie in about three years. I’m about ten minutes from the border anyway.

The bottled stuff is superior tack @balbec . I’ll have to get onto the aunt’s husband who is an engineer down in Cark with Heineken


You did too you wally.


It’s probably in some offy in South County Dublin - Not the republic.

I’ve never seen it in Limerick or Cork and I went on the hunt for it in Galway last summer and no joy.


Desmond’s off license on fr Russell road used to do the bottles for about 3.50 a pop. But that place closed


@ciarancareyshurlingarmy used to go in and buy cans of warm Guinness off him… No wonder he closed up shop.


I’ve seen it in SuperValu in Kilmallock FFS



Go away and get your square eyes checked.


I miss it :cry:


My man in Ballinacurra is the only way to travel. Best selection in town bar none.


Is that the one over by spar/bookies/barbers? (Green park) It closed down a few years back.


Yes. Reopened a good while now.


Does he sell Red Stripe?


I’ll check the next time I’m in, but that’s probably too mainstream for us real hipsters


I had 4 cans of Molson Canadian beer last night. Ticks all the boxes for me. Cheap. Fridge pack. Drinkable.


Like most N. American beers - grand from long neck when ice cold.


Anybody try Pravha (from the makers of Staropramen (who are owned by Coors))


Ah yeah. It’s drinkable, refreshing enough this weather.

It’d be hard going drinking something heavy and hoppy and it boiling hot out


I cant take to cans these days at all. I’d nearly not drink at all…


Long necks are a pain. Once you get motoring you’d be up and down to the fridge like a jack rabbit.